BBQs 2U Is Popularizing the New Range of Ooni Pizza Ovens and Kamado Joe Grills

BBQs 2U Is Popularizing the New Range of Ooni Pizza Ovens and Kamado Joe Grills

BBQs 2U is a family-owned business in the UK who are ardent about barbecues and has been selling and stocking Kamado Joe, Napoleon, Masterbuilt Gravity BBQs, and Ooni Pizza Ovens. They have been in the business since the year 2002. They are making home barbecues easy and outdoor cooking made to perfection. They also sell high-quality grill and oven accessories to make the cooking experience wholesome.

BBQs 2U is one of the major authorized retailers of these brands and has been selling its products at competitive rates. The after-sales support and customer service are excellent. They are committed to fast delivery and guaranteed product quality. Their experts’ team is always there to reduce the customer’s worries.

The store presents the new Ooni Koda 12 gas-powered pizza ovens that can heat up to 500°C in just 15 minutes. It can stone-bake a 12-inch pizza right down in 60 seconds. It weighs 9.25 kg and can fit any space. The user just needs to take it out of the box and unfold the legs of the oven. Then they would pop the stone baking board inside the oven. It can ignite instantly once it is connected to the gas tank. It can only function with propane gas.

This model of pizza oven is easy to maintain and control. It does not produce much smoke or ashes. It comes with a convenient heat control dial panel that can change or maintain the temperature in the oven. 

Generally, all products from Ooni have a standard one-year warranty. But they can extend the warranty period to 3 years on Ooni pizza ovens with a registration. The buyers can check with the concerned personnel regarding the warranty of the pizza ovens. 

Other than this, some amazing barbecues by Kamado Joe UK show the ultimate combination of technology and innovation. The Kettle Joe is a 22-inch ceramic kettle grill that has the best smoking effect, heat retention, and fuel efficiency. It has provisions for cooking different styles of ingredients at different temperatures. It is the 2-tier divide and conquer system.

It also has SloRoller Hyperbolic smoke chamber which evenly distributes heat and smoke and rolls it in to give the best smoking taste to the food in temperatures up to 500°F. You can remove the chamber insert for grilling at 700°F. This model comes with an ash drawer for hassle-free cleaning. It is a separate compartment that can be taken out without dismantling the interior setup.

Customers can easily reach out directly to BBQs 2U if they have some queries. The majority of today’s group of potential customers feel comfortable with social media outlets like Twitter. They can visit the company’s profile and look for updates, genuine reviews of other customers, and tips and tricks about barbeques.

The three generations of the BBQs 2U family always put their years of experience and knowledge for barbeques open to all the barbeque lovers out there. They do not sell other brands as they believe these brands have high performance in terms of quality, technology, and customer satisfaction.