BBQs 2U – Masterbuilt XT vs. 600 Series

BBQs 2U – Masterbuilt XT vs. 600 Series

Masterbuilt is a popular brand in the grilling and smoking world. It offers two enticing options for BBQ enthusiasts – the Masterbuilt XT and the Masterbuilt 600.

BBQs 2U showroom is in the UK [Mainland], where you will find the entire Masterbuilt lineup – each with impressive features. However, it is intimidating to choose the right one even after you have narrowed your choices to XT and 600. 

Both are digital with in-built Wifi and Bluetooth Connectivity. You can control the cooking process remotely with the Masterbuilt App. 

Masterbuilt XT

  • The XT boasts a larger capacity [1,260 sq. inch], ideal for accommodating large meat cuts and feeding bigger crows. It is a great option for BBQ parties, family gatherings or those who adore smoking in bulk.
  • XT means ‘Extra Tough’ construction. The areas like fibreglass mesh gasket, easy clean-up grease tray, U-shaped manifold, and warming racks are strengthened manifolds.
  • The digital control panel includes an in-built thermometer, which allows for precise control and monitoring. It helps to remove the guesswork of smoking time and ensures consistent results every time.
  • The advanced control panel features graphing and alerts.
  • The Gravity Hopper can fuel up to 24 hours with controlled grill time. The fuel-saving hopper retains heat and moisture, which means it delivers 33% longer burn time than other Gravity series. 

Masterbuilt 600

  • The 600 series has 600 sq. inches of cooking space. It is ideal for those with limited space or those who cook for small gatherings. The small size makes it easy to store and transport.
  • You get fuel flexibility just like the XT. A wood chip or charcoal smoking allows you to experiment with different flavours. It is a great way for you to explore the smoking world without committing to a specific fuel source.
  • The GravityFed charcoal hopper fuels up for 15 to 16 hours. 
  • Reversible cast iron greats are designed for high-intensity searing and low & slow cooking.
  • Compared to XT, the 600 comes at a more affordable price point and is a good alternative for beginners or budget-conscious grillers.

Choosing the perfect match

The choice between XT and 600 boils down to personal needs and preferences. 

  • For the budget-conscious beginner or someone who enjoys the simplicity of charcoal cooking, the Masterbuilt 600 is a fantastic choice.
  • If you prefer the largest and most advanced model, then choose XT. However, it is available at a premium price, and you will need space to put it. 

When you choose, consider –

  • How often will you smoke?
  • How many people you will be cooking for?
  • How much are you willing to invest?
  • Do you prioritize ease of use, advanced functionality, and remote control capabilities?

It doesn’t matter, if you choose XT or 600, you are guaranteed to enjoy a delicious smoky adventure. 

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Fire up your grill, explore the different flavours, and embrace the slow and low cooking art with Masterbuilt!