Have Australians become so reliant on burgers that it’s become a staple across all hospitality venue menus?

Have Australians become so reliant on burgers that it’s become a staple across all hospitality venue menus?


Australia is a land of rich culinary delights, from hot spicy cuisines to sweet delicacies or anything in between. Burgers with the lot, barramundi, kangaroo meat, and lamingtons are some of the top food items Australia can claim as its own. These foods have become a part of Australian history and are consumed with great enthusiasm across the country. Among the oldest cuisines from Australia, Aussie burgers have become a facade for oceans of fast food chains and eateries. Burgers are so popular that they are almost like a mini-food industry in major cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

The onset of the fast-food-themed dining style in Australia has helped pioneer convenient and delicious cuisines in the hospitality business. Some of the traditional Aussie cuisines like Aussie burgers are a major contributor to the market. People find fast food items like hamburgers convenient throughout a hectic workday and a must mood booster on weekends. Lots of people head down to the local fast-food chains or burger shops across Australia just to get their mouth on delicious burgers filled with lots of burger cheese and goodness of beetroot pickle and vegetables.

In recent years, burgers have become a major aspect of the Australian food market, be it as a part of street food or on grandeur restaurants’ menus. The sizzling sound of the grill, the amazing order originating from the grilled patty and the dripping cheese from the burger make this food item a must for foodies. The burger market is so big in Australia people order for burgers on dinner dates, night outs, family gatherings, and almost every other celebration.

Every person can effortlessly enjoy the comfort of fast food, and burgers provide a sense of comfort to anyone anywhere. People enjoy foods that are easy to find and almost possible to eat anywhere, from office desks and theatres to parks one can enjoy burgers wherever they like. This powerful relationship between burger and consumer has paved way for eateries to improve their customer relation and revenue with creative burger themed dine.

It is safe to say the Australian burger market is stronger than ever. Back in 2016, the yearly revenue of the burger business reached a mammoth $4.2 billion and in 2021, it peaked at $9 billion. These stats show the burger business is booming in Australia. More and more people are enjoying this delicious meal year after year, which suggests more and more eateries are selling burgers. As the demand for burgers continues to grow among food lovers across the food market in Australia, it seems likely more, and more food joints will depend on this popular item.