Here Are Some of the Best Hotdog Ideas to Implement

Here Are Some of the Best Hotdog Ideas to Implement

One will never get over having enough hot dogs. But one might get bored of the same boring old type of hot dog that is served to them. To make things interesting, you can try a few of the epic hot dog styles. They will be both sweet, and savoury and are sure to make your day. Hot dogs are ideal for any meal across the day as they are light and fulfilling.

Here are some delicious hot dog ideas to try that are different from your traditional hot dogs: 

French onion hot dog

This will bring the richness and deliciousness of the French cuisine to your plate all at once. In this dish, it is best to use the caramelized onions of the red variety. Besides these, Dijon mustard and melted cheese are going to be the perfect combination for it.

Chilli dog

The traditional hot dog recipe will be upgraded if you add a spicy side to it. In this recipe, the dog will have a portion of light sweetness added to its soft buns. To make the flavors pop out and explode, spicy jalapeno and pepper can be added to it. This will be an amazing method to heat your next barbeque.

Posh steak sandwiches

This is the best way to bring on a fancy and luxurious hot dog on table. This recipe is going to appease everybody present at the party. The dog will be deliciously golden and loaded with juicy steaks.

Crayfish cocktail rolls

This is the most unusual take on your otherwise regular hotdog. Nobody would expect this uncanny combination of ocean meeting your plates. It is a delicious cocktail sauce hotdog, which is filled up to the brim with crayfish. This is certainly the best thing any seafood lover can ask for.

Hotdog with pickles

A classic hotdog with a punchy twist can be availed by adding pickles to it intelligently. The sweetness of the dog will be ideally coupled with the tanginess of the pickles. You can also add this with fresh sausages or classic frankfurters. Try topping it with quick pink pickled onions to hit on the added punch.

Vegetarian halloumi and avocado rolls

To make it feel like home, make your next hotdog with grilled halloumi with layers of guacamoles. Do not miss out on freshly grilled veggies.

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