Quick Guide to Turkish Fruits

Quick Guide to Turkish Fruits

You can find a plethora of mouthwatering dishes all over Turkey with its many different climates and regions. In the west, you will find dishes drizzled with a generous amount of olive oil. Once you go along the Mediterranean coast, you will find fish freshly caught in the ocean.

But no matter where you go in Turkey, you will always find a generous selection of cheeses, meat-centric dishes, kebabs, and yogurts, all pleasingly off-set with meze plates and plentiful fresh vegetables.

Turkish cuisine has been refined and shaped since the days of the Ottoman Empire. The cuisine perfectly blends spices and flavors from Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Whether you are dining at a restaurant or a local’s home, you will be met with the highest display of hospitality.

It is also very likely that you will be offered a glass of tea and even receive an invitation to sit and stay.Food in Turkey is the ultimate source of celebrating and uniting with the company of other people. A meal is not just a simple meal. Instead, it is the ultimate display of love.

This is why it is not a surprise that people from the world over cannot help but fall in love with the cuisine of Turkey, a country that can be considered a culinary paradise. Food in Turkey is so tasty and varied that it is even dubbed as one of the world’s best cuisines.

Below, you will find a short guide to the different Turkish fruits that are worth trying. Although it is obviously not an exhaustive guide in any way, it is still a great way for you to get acquainted and be more familiar with the fruits of this unique country. You might even want to add these fruits to your cart the next time you go online Turkish grocery shopping.


Erik is a very interesting fruit that is actually an unripe plum. This fruit is known for being crunchy and tart. But since there isn’t a lot of flesh to enjoy on each, you might want to grab a handful of this sour fruit that you can snack on.


Turkey takes pride in having the best figs in the worldwhether dried orripe, purple or green.You can consider yourself lucky if you visit Turkey while figs are in season!

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit is always celebrated in Turkey. Once a new fruit is in the season, you can see it everywhere as it makes its way to fruit stalls all over the country.

In the country, ifa branch of a fruit tree extends into a public area, it is normally acceptable to pick it. And if you can pick it, it only makes sense that you also get to eat it.it is a great way to discover fruits in the country including white mulberries and tasty green figs.

New World Fruit

Loquat or New World Fruit is a bit sour, sweet, and absolutely delicious. It is very juicy and soft when ripe. In spite of the off-putting brown speckles, you can still eat the fruit’s skin. Just be wary of the large seeds inside since the number of seeds often differ without reason.


When in season, watermelon seems to be the only thing people want to eat. It is also super refreshing during the hot season. Served with crumbly cheese, you can eat watermelon as a snack, for lunch, and even for breakfast.