Is Grass-fed Beef the Right Pick for You?

Is Grass-fed Beef the Right Pick for You?

There has been a spike in meat consumption globally in the past few years. This is mostly because people have understood the benefits of grass-fed or organic beef, and they do not want to leave the opportunity. Also, this meat tastes a lot better, primarily because of its high nutrient profile. This meat is not at all exposed to antibiotics or shots of hormones to forcibly mature it. Hence, when you consume it, you stay healthy as compared to eating conventionally raised cows.

There are certainly other benefits of having grass-fed beef too, and here they are listed.

Lower in fat and calories

There is about 2/3rd percent of less fat and calories present in grass-fed beef as compared to feedlot-raised beef. If you have been consuming a typical quantity of beef, about 66.5 pounds a year, you can very well switch to grass-fed beef to help you save over 17,000 calories annually. If you are keeping the rest of your diet as it is and just adding grass-fed beef to it, you will be losing about six pounds a year.

Antibiotic and hormone-free

In order to keep them healthy, the feedlot cows are injected with a lot of antibiotics. So, when you are eating this meat, you are also consuming those antibiotics. Besides this, conventional cows also have massive doses of hormones. This makes the cows grow faster. Hence, the farms can earn more profits. To enjoy a chemical-free meat, switching to grass-fed cows is a wise decision.

Tastes better

The other most important benefit of this meat is that it tastes a lot better. The grass-fed meat has a very subtle flavor, and it tastes very subliminal and earthy. This flavor profile is mainly attributed to the wide variety of diets that these cows are put on. Such healthy cows’ meat when mixed with proper spice balance while cooking, can enrich the final taste. To make the steaks taste amazing, adding a little butter can go a long way.

Higher healthy fat ratio

This fat has a very good ratio of omegas. This meat has two to four times more omega-3 fatty acids as compared to other meats. The consumption of this meat is going to impact your health in a much more positive manner.

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