Stratis Morfogen discusses how emerging technologies can improve the hotel business

Stratis Morfogen discusses how emerging technologies can improve the hotel business

In a recent interview, Stratis Morfogen, the creator of the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop and other innovative restaurant concepts, discussed the restaurant’s innovative use of technology and the need to shake up the hospitality business.

Ignore the existing order! According to Stratis Morfogen, he has always been a challenge for those around him. He strives to be unsatisfied with the status quo because he was raised by an unsatisfied father.

In 1997, Stratis Morfogen managed a company with only three employees and a noisy AOL modem. Despite their modest size, they were able to provide excellent service. Customers such as Southwest Airlines, Amazon, and Wells Fargo have praised the organisation since its inception.

When you are on the verge of giving up, miracles occur. Stratis Morfogen has been in a similar scenario previously. He understands how difficult it is to remain optimistic when things are difficult, but he has demonstrated that it is possible to prevail if you persevere.

According to Stratis Morfogen, he is a “pioneer and an innovator in hospitality.”

It would not suffice to just state that. The author of “Be a Disruptor” and co-founder of the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop and other innovative firms in New York City takes great pride in his ability to anticipate emerging market trends and effectively ride them out.

Since 2020 was a difficult year, the hospitality industry underwent significant adjustments. But Stratis Morfogen was able to navigate the uncharted seas of the pandemic and develop an industry-standard restaurant because he was already committed to putting the client first. Specifically, you ate at Brooklyn Dumpling Shop.

The brand of the company from which he gave so much was printed on the bag he used to transport the gifts, allowing the recipients to readily locate them. Stratis Morfogen was uninterested in the GoFundMe suggestions since he is not the kind to boast about his kindness. However, he needed assistance from the proprietors of other restaurants to feed nearly 9,000 service employees.

Frequently, new opportunities arise as a result of changes in the status quo. Morfogen thrilled at the opportunity to continue doing things the way he had always done them, which was to be inventive and discover new ways to assist his clients.

The cooks at Brooklyn Dumpling House altered a popular menu dish from the well-known Brooklyn Chophouse so that it was simpler for customers to comprehend. New technology has been introduced to the Automat at Brooklyn Dumpling House, allowing the restaurant to better and more quickly serve its customers.

Stratis Morfogen spent a great deal of time and effort investigating the Automat’s past to determine why it died. He was aware that no technology was utilised and that nobody was present at any point during the transaction.

Since its inception, Morfogen has prioritised both innovative technology and excellent customer service

The businessman informed his peers in 1997 of the need of having a strong web presence. Since then, several of them have closed their doors or declared bankruptcy, which is unfortunate for him. This period is referred to as the “TikTok generation,” and it brings with it a new set of digital characteristics that organisations must investigate and completely integrate in order to remain competitive in the current global economy.

Stratis Morfogen has adhered to this line of reasoning. In the Brooklyn Chop House, he has opened the NFT Lounge. Members of the exclusive lounge can purchase consumables at a sliding scale price. This is only the beginning of how he intends to leverage the metaverse for his business.

No matter how modern the technology is, the most important aspect of the hotel industry is providing excellent service to visitors. In all of the surrounding districts, the town of Morfogen is renowned for its welcoming ambiance. When he initially began conducting business online, he made it his mission to provide each and every customer with an unforgettable experience.

As late as 3 a.m., Stratis Morfogen can be found working on testimonials, making necessary modifications, and sometimes even receiving client calls on his personal cell phone. This issue has persisted for the past 25 years.