The Strangest Sushi Toppings Worth Trying

The Strangest Sushi Toppings Worth Trying

The more traditional types of sushi are the ones that use soy sauce and wasabi as toppings. Most people are familiar with these kinds of sushi.

It’s almost always a great combination, enough for sushi to be one of the most loved dishes in the world.

However, chefs are not always comfortable with the same recipe over and over again. Many of them have tried different toppings over the years.

We will be looking at some unusual toppings for sushi that might be worth trying if regular sushi gets a little boring.

Herring Roe – Kazunoko

This sushi recipe uses marinated roe from herring. The roe is often marinated in special dashi seasoning. This is a Japanese stock made from a combination of kelp, fish flakes and kelp.

Kazunoko isn’t eaten very often in Japan, so it tends to be reserved only for New Years. This dish, like any other type of roe can be very expensive to make or buy.

Pollock Roe – Mentaiko

Another recipe that uses roe is mentaiko, which is made with the raw roe of pollock. The strong bite is usually achieved by adding some chili marinade to the dish.

It was originally inspired by Koreans who have eaten something similar for hundreds of years. It can be used in a variety of dishes and is often eaten by the Japanese as part of a sandwich, or as a pasta ingredient. Its unique and strong flavor makes sushi stand out.

Fermented Soybeans

Soybeans are a staple in Japan, and they have been used to make a wide range of recipes and ingredients over the years.

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