Why Vietnamese Cuisine is a Must-Try for all Food Lovers

Why Vietnamese Cuisine is a Must-Try for all Food Lovers

Despite the beautiful landscape of Vietnam, even its cuisine has this brilliant balance of sweetness, sourness, fish-sauciness, and aromatics as well. As with other amazing Asian cuisines, it is all about the yin & yang; the salty and the sweet, the warming and the cooling, the fermented and the fresh. Vietnamese cuisine is quite popular all around the world for its unique freshness of several herbs and spices, blended together in a perfect way, often leaving food lovers to crave for more.

Vietnamese cuisine is also one of the healthiest foods, as it is prepared with the perfect balance of meats and fresh herbs, and well-chosen use of selected spices to give a fine taste.

Depending on the areas and cities, whether Hue, Saigon, Hanoi, there is always a specialty for each place you visit. You can even see for group bookings for lunch or dinner at New Quarter, Hanoi Hannah, serving the best Vietnamese cuisine.

Here are some amazing Vietnamese dishes you all must try:

  • Bun Cha

It is a northern Vietnamese dish, consisting of grilled pork, along with cold vermicelli noodles and dipping sauce. This sauce mostly comes with raw papaya i.e., thinly sliced, adding the crunchy texture that compliments the soft noodles.

  • Banh Mi

The Vietnamese amazingly transformed the baguettes into the globally-popular rice flour Banh Mi sandwich, as it is known today. It is one of the most readily available street foods on food carts that you can find around when you are in Vietnam.

  • Pho

This is a noodle soup that is very popular worldwide, and a must-try in one of the best Vietnamese restaurants like Hanoi Hannah, New Quarter. This broth can vary from region to region and can be customized as well, according to your taste. The hot bowl of Pho is garnished with white onions, diced scallions, basil, pepper, fresh chili, saw-tooth herb, lime wedges, hoisin, and sriracha sauce as accompaniments.

  • Banh Xeo

This southern dish, a finger food, is a sizzling pancake that gets its name from the sizzling sound it creates when rice flour is poured into the hot frying pan, called a wok. It has pretty complicated ingredients, including a batter mixture of rice flour, turmeric, and water, that is wrapped in shrimp, green beans, bean sprouts, fatty pork slices, and white onion diced thinly.

  • Banh Cuon

They are steamed rice rolls; this Vietnamese food is prepared using steamed rice flour, wrapped in a mixture of minced wood ear mushroom, ground pork, minced shallots, and minced jicama. Banh Cuon is often served on the side with pork sausage, fish sauce, sliced cucumber, and steamed bean sprout.

  • Vietnamese tropical fruits

There is a huge variety of tropical fruits in beautiful Vietnam you must try. To name a few are: Sapodilla, Dragon fruit, and Langsat.

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